Not-A-Meme Challenge #17:

Here is my response to Vint’s Not a Meme.

My Groups

Bloggers with Blades
What more do ya have to say on this one. A new subgroup of SL Bloggers, that enjoy playing with sharp things…

Cherish Jazz Club
Nice open air jazz club..

Den Isle Properties
Where I live

Life 2.0
Dr Dobbs Island and the Life 2.0 summit group

Loveland Rentals
Where I use to first house in SL..guess I can get rid of it now

Phoenicians in Second Life
Group for people who live in Phoenix AZ and are in SL…makes sense doesn’t it?

Second Life Bloggers
OK, you should know this one…

Second Life Library 2.0
My very first group, from my first excursion to SL. the Info Island group.

Soulmates Club
Nice club, only been there once though..

TUi Students
Group for students at TUi

Zephyr’s Aire
Beautiful Celtic themed area, with a fantastic waterfall, and a dance floor that floats above it.

Something I noticed is that I am not a memeber of some of my favorite places..guess I better get caught up..


~ by DesertWolf on May 26, 2007.

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