Fun, Frivolity, & Fighting

Well last night was an enjoyable evening. Started with IM’ing Wrath to see if he wanted to go look at swords as we had discussed earlier. He was in Topgol with Alex & Myg , testing a gun, so dinee and I joined them. As we got ther Wrath was getting shot and pushed up a few hundred meters.. Though he did make a very classy reentry with his parachute.. After another test of the gun, dinee decided she wanted to shoot Wrath also so she pulled out her TP gun..and had some fun, which was shortly followed by the watermelon launcher.. After the gun testing Alex took us to see the club he is working on completing. It is looking good, and can’t wait for the opening.

After we were done at the club we TP’ed over to Samurai Island to look at swords. Ran into a very nice lady warrior named Kafka, who challenged me to a duel, and promptly killed me..:( ( no hard feelings) . Alex and Silkyn joined us there, and Kafka helped us find the sword store. As I already Have my Black Rose Katana, I didn’t need a sword, so I watched Kafka and another avi fight, while the rest of the gang selected their weapons. after everyone had their purchases Wrath took us to Bitter Thornes to get the masks as part of the BwB look. Well Wrath was so excited to try out his new katana that he started fighting with Silkyn and Alex in the store. After silkyn killed him a couple of times we decided to move to a less public spot and went to Wrath’s place. What followed was a lot of slashing, dieing and general fun,a kind of impromtu meeting of the Bloggers w Blades, that dinee covered in her blog. I was too busy trying not to get killed, or occasionally killing to take any pics..
All in all it was a fun time and can’t wait till the next impromptu meeting of the Bloggers w Blades.


~ by DesertWolf on May 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Fun, Frivolity, & Fighting”

  1. Yeah, that was most fun… I’m honored to wield katana with this group. Just before you showed up, Wrath had used every freebie weapon in his arsenal on me, and looked damned fine doing it. We discovered a couple of thing about freebie weapons, the main one being they’re nowhere near as fun as scripted katana.

  2. Hey thanks for the dance invite last night. I had a great time and the intelligent conversation was excellent!

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