My conversation with Honey Wendt

Well yesterday was an unusual one for me to begin with, but then from out of the blue I get an IM from Ms. Honey Wendt. Seems she wanted to talk to me about some comments I posted on a blog entry that Vint posted about her conversation with Ms. Wendt. So in order not to slant the conversation in any way by cutting sections out to use, here is the log of the entire conversation.

[21:08] Honey Wendt: Hello, I saw your comment on Vint’s page. I’d like to tell you that the conversation between me and her was totally different from what she posted, since she wanted this type of attention, I just muted her and never responded back to her.
[21:09] DesertWolf Longstaff: I am open to hear both sides of a story, how was it diffrent?
[21:09] Honey Wendt: She just used cut and pasted one conversation in different posts, in every one of them she’s telling me “I’m trying to fix my computer but I don’t get it”..
[21:10] Honey Wendt: I can e-mail you the entire log.
[21:10] Honey Wendt: It’s just me and some friends explaining this basic concept of TSO’s legal status within and outside SL and she not understanding it
[21:10] Honey Wendt: Seems like she liked talking a lot about that chat lol.
[21:11] DesertWolf Longstaff: I understand what you are saying about SL TOS not being valid or enforceable outside of SL.
[21:11] Honey Wendt: It’s not that.
[21:11] Honey Wendt: My whole conversation was me trying to get this idea to her and she’s saying something else.
[21:11] Honey Wendt: She has edited all that out.
[21:12] Honey Wendt: That’s why I post full logs of conversations.
[21:13] Honey Wendt: > I had thought about commenting on her blog, but figured it would be a waste of time, and your follow up comments about your conversations with her prove it. . To be honest we have probably brought her more attention than she deserves.
[21:15] Honey Wendt: ??
[21:15] DesertWolf Longstaff: Have you read all my posts?
[21:15] Honey Wendt: I’m not following it.
[21:15] Honey Wendt: do you have an e-mail?
[21:16] DesertWolf Longstaff:
[21:16] Honey Wendt: Vint was milking me for comments/quotes, I just kept saying the asme thing
[21:16] Honey Wendt: Let me send you this log
[21:16] DesertWolf Longstaff: k
[21:17] DesertWolf Longstaff: I agree with you in theory about age play, but I think your approach is hypocritical..
[21:17] Honey Wendt: She was offline and asking me the same question over and over, it’s pretty apparent she was trying to get me to comment so she can post stuff on her blog lol
[21:18] Honey Wendt: This is not about age-play.
[21:18] Honey Wendt is typing…
[21:18] Honey Wendt: How is my apprach hypocritical?
[21:19] Honey Wendt: If we are discussing age-play?
[21:19] Honey Wendt: Her whole thing was bout the valdity of Terms of Services outside the bounds defined by those.
[21:19] DesertWolf Longstaff: no but the fact you use the TOS to against people in SL then do the thing you get on them about…
[21:19] Honey Wendt: But, the ToS is only valid within SL.
[21:20] DesertWolf Longstaff: yes, but comon decency and expecting to be treated the way others treat you is not
[21:20] Honey Wendt: Do you understand or you should read that e-mail I explained it a dozen times to her, while she was asking me the same question.
[21:20] Honey Wendt: Common decency?
[21:21] Honey Wendt: Mr. Longstaff are you defending these people?
[21:21] DesertWolf Longstaff: no..I thought we were not talking about age play?
[21:21] Honey Wendt: My whole thing was against Linden Labs.
[21:21] Honey Wendt: I filed multiple complaints as per their new rules, that did not work so I had to post it there.
[21:22] Honey Wendt: Yes we arn’t talking about age-play.
[21:22] Honey Wendt: Did you read my e-mail?
[21:22] Honey Wendt: Then I think you’d understand where a ToS applies.
[21:22] DesertWolf Longstaff: let me read the log you sent then I will get back to you, OK?
[21:22] Honey Wendt: Sure.
[21:36] DesertWolf Longstaff: OK, so Your point is that the SL TOS is not binding outside of SL..I understand that. That you are free to post any such conversations you have with anyone, including this one right now, to your 3rd party blog, and you are doing nothing illegal.
[21:36] DesertWolf Longstaff: Have I got it right so far?
[21:44] DesertWolf Longstaff: It is obvious you read my last comment on Vint’s post, but did you read the earlier one?

[21:58] Honey Wendt: (Saved Wed May 23 21:29:18 2007) As you can see by her language she was trying very hard to provoke me, it’s quite apparent she was looking for a “story”. I didn’t bother with her cause she had no idea what the whole Linden deal was, she was too stuck up with ToS violations and age-play to see that a Linden was alt abusing.
[21:58] Honey Wendt: (Saved Wed May 23 21:37:25 2007) I have a question, are you Vint Falken’s alt?
[21:58] Honey Wendt: (Saved Wed May 23 21:40:08 2007) Please get back to me in e-mail regarding this, I do not like having people just make offbase comments on me. I’d have loved to have a conversation with you today but apparently you’ve logged out already. Bye.
[22:00] DesertWolf Longstaff: sorry froze while reading..
[22:01] Honey Wendt: Ok
[22:01] Honey Wendt: As you can see she came out pretty childish and pretending not to hear what I said, none of her comments were posted on her blog so it looks very skewed.
[22:01] DesertWolf Longstaff: I read your email, and went back to Vint’s post
[22:02] Honey Wendt: Me and a couple of friends were wondering what exactly she was fishing, then someone realized she knew her name.
[22:02] Honey Wendt: She is an age-play advocate right?
[22:02] Honey Wendt: Yep compare them.
[22:02] DesertWolf Longstaff: Hold on, let me catch up on what you posted while I was froze…
[22:02] Honey Wendt: This is what I gathered, she was just very annoyed by my age-play story.
[22:03] Honey Wendt: While I never really thought much of it since the Lidnen deal, most people know it was about a transgender story not an age-play story 🙂
[22:06] DesertWolf Longstaff: OK, first, I am not Vint’s alt..
[22:06] Honey Wendt: Ah ok, you both are new and born within 1 day, I thought you might be but use of language is very different.
[22:07] DesertWolf Longstaff: SHe is from Europe, and has some problems with some of her english
[22:07] Honey Wendt: Does she avocate age-play?
[22:07] DesertWolf Longstaff: well that is not a fair question to ask me…it is something you should ask her.
[22:08] Honey Wendt: Reason I ask is, that day someone mentioned they’ve seen some stuff for sale by her in a mall about age-play.
[22:08] Honey Wendt: And her outrage at the age-play kinda seemed that way to me, no I’m just trying to see if that’s her angle cause I’m quite lost as to what she’s trying to say?
[22:09] Honey Wendt: Maybe she just loves Lindens uncoditionally and cannot see them in the wrong
[22:09] DesertWolf Longstaff: Could be there is, I would say you should go and see for yourself, then ask her about it.
[22:09] DesertWolf Longstaff: No, that I know is not so..
[22:09] Honey Wendt: Oh no i’m not that interested in that
[22:10] DesertWolf Longstaff: Well you should at least verify the information you were given, shouldn’t you?
[22:10] Honey Wendt: Age-play is an interesting concept, I’ve spoken to people who are PG age-players and I totally respect what they do.
[22:10] Honey Wendt: I did verify
[22:10] Honey Wendt: I only posted sexual age-play stories.
[22:10] Honey Wendt: Which information are you speaking of?
[22:11] DesertWolf Longstaff: No I ment what you just said about Vint selling age play related goods…
[22:11] Honey Wendt: I’m not interested in her
[22:11] DesertWolf Longstaff: You ask enough questions about her…
[22:11] Honey Wendt: Well since it concerned her
[22:11] Honey Wendt: yes, I had to ask.
[22:12] Honey Wendt: Oh her profile it says she does sell a book on age-play.
[22:12] Honey Wendt: Why are you against me?
[22:12] DesertWolf Longstaff: age play, and sexual age play are two very diffrent things..
[22:12] Honey Wendt: I was really paitent with her, very polite but she you saw how she spoke.
[22:12] Honey Wendt: That’s true.
[22:13] Honey Wendt: I’ve done interviews with PG age-players, but I wont post them on the blog cause it would cause negative attention now.
[22:13] Honey Wendt: Even if it’s a good article.
[22:13] DesertWolf Longstaff: I am not against you in your general feelings against sexual age players
[22:14] DesertWolf Longstaff: but the way you go about things, that is what bothers me..
[22:14] Honey Wendt: I’m not against sexual age play either, I’m against an extreme form of sexual age play.
[22:14] Honey Wendt: I dont care if you have your gf call you daddy.
[22:14] Honey Wendt: Do you understand
[22:14] Honey Wendt: Which way was that?
[22:14] DesertWolf Longstaff: I do not support sexual age play..
[22:14] Honey Wendt: Mr. Longstaff, I have several articles on age play, we are talking about Lolita McAllister?
[22:15] Honey Wendt: Can you explain what exactly it is that bothers you?
[22:16] Honey Wendt: I’ve exhausted every way of trying to deal with them.
[22:16] Honey Wendt: Abuse is something I understand pretty well, and these types of things usually end up in that.
[22:17] DesertWolf Longstaff: You obviously read my last comment to Vint’s post..did you read my earlier one?
[22:17] Honey Wendt: No I’m reading what you just said Mr Longstaff.
[22:17] Honey Wendt: [22:14] DesertWolf Longstaff: but the way you go about things, that is what bothers me..
[22:18] Honey Wendt: So, I’d like to know what this way is, I like it when someone points out something about me that might be faulty.
[22:19] Honey Wendt: You meant the method used? Medium or style? I’m not sure, I’m confused now.
[22:19] DesertWolf Longstaff: DesertWolf Longstaff wrote a comment on May 15, 2007 MyAvatars 0.2 Well from my point of view she is walking a very thin ethics line, and is actually on the wrong side of it! She does not treat the people she is talking with the same respect she expects to be shown her. In fact her actions are worse, because she puts the conversations out on the internet for everyone to see, where as the people she threatens with reporting to the Lindens only passed the conversation on to other concerned parties, not where they can be seen by everyone. I understand her stand on age play, and in some ways agree with her, but her methods are wrong, and in the end I feel will backfire on her. If she suppose to be on the moral high ground, well she fell off the other side of it with her actions.
[22:20] Honey Wendt: That’s why I thought you were VInct
[22:20] Honey Wendt: You do understand that outside SL, Linden Labs have no rights to anything we do? Other than defame them (corp law)
[22:21] DesertWolf Longstaff: yes, but just because something is not illeagal does not make it right…
[22:21] Honey Wendt: And Mr. Longstaff how can you justify saying that, what they did was wrong it’s illegal within SL, I was going after the “Abuse report system” which failed me.
[22:21] Honey Wendt: Are you seriously defending these people?
[22:21] DesertWolf Longstaff: the Lindens or the age players?
[22:22] Honey Wendt: Age-players.
[22:22] Honey Wendt: I read what you posted, please read it yourself.
[22:22] DesertWolf Longstaff: I am not defending the age players, but you seem to have too diffrent standards you work by
[22:23] Honey Wendt: I REPORTED IT.

5/24/07 13:40 SLT  I went back over my post and noticed the end had not adding it here….

<– sorry for the caps. Reported it for months, Lolita McAllister was in the news in Dec for the same reason. Many MANY people reported her, well before you came to SecondLife. Prokofy never wrote about a protest against her.
[22:23] Honey Wendt: Nothing was done about it.
[22:23] Honey Wendt: Lindens just turned around and did nothing.
[22:23] Honey Wendt: So the AR system (abuse report system) failed us.
[22:24] Honey Wendt: What was left was something like this to get her to stop that escort service.
[22:24] Honey Wendt: I mean prokofy wrote about it on her blog too.. there was protest against Lolita 5-6 months ago.
[22:24] Honey Wendt: I think we have a disconnect conversation going?
[22:25] Honey Wendt: If your too busy we can have this conversation another time 🙂
[22:25] DesertWolf Longstaff: I was not active back then..
[22:25] DesertWolf Longstaff: but yes, can we pick this up again later?
[22:26] Honey Wendt: Fine, but the thing I wrote about was a failure by Linden Labs to act on their abuse system.
[22:26] DesertWolf Longstaff: I do not disagreee with that
[22:26] Honey Wendt: I’m having a busy week, so I’d rather if we can end this tonight.
[22:26] DesertWolf Longstaff: that is fine..
[22:26] Honey Wendt: So, I fail to see how you could disagree with this. What was your disagreemnent?
[22:27] DesertWolf Longstaff: in your approach
[22:27] Honey Wendt: Explain that
[22:27] DesertWolf Longstaff: you ran a double standard
[22:27] Honey Wendt: You’ve told me about aproach, about style, etc.
[22:27] Honey Wendt: What double standard?
[22:27] Honey Wendt: Can you give examples, proof, it’s very easy my blog is there point to something.
[22:28] Honey Wendt: I think you don’t have all the information on this Mr. LongStaff, maybe you should gather more information/research and then find some time to discuss this with me?
[22:28] DesertWolf Longstaff: That would be my pleasure..
[22:28] Honey Wendt: This story in question has been happening for a while, it’s even happening now, I could show you the place if you want.
[22:29] Honey Wendt: Well the sim name is given, do some investigation of your own 🙂
[22:29] Honey Wendt: But I can assure you
[22:29] Honey Wendt: these were no innocent people.
[22:29] Honey Wendt: And they were not doing even random ageplay similar to calling each other daddy/daughter.
[22:30] Honey Wendt: I’m sure you understand.
[22:30] DesertWolf Longstaff: let us get back to this later…OK?
[22:30] Honey Wendt: Mr. Longstaff, I don’t suppose you’ve ever been abused RL.
[22:31] DesertWolf Longstaff: let me do some more reading
[22:31] Honey Wendt: I have been and I know how this causes pain, things like this developed into worse things.
[22:31] DesertWolf Longstaff: no, I have not,
[22:31] Honey Wendt: Then you should not question.
[22:31] DesertWolf Longstaff: but I work at an adoption and foster care agency
[22:31] Honey Wendt: And it’s very wrong to assume they are innocent.
[22:31] Honey Wendt: They are not.
[22:32] Honey Wendt: you havent seen the things I’ve seen in SL.
[22:32] Honey Wendt: SL is a lot tamer now
[22:32] Honey Wendt: goodnight.
[22:32] DesertWolf Longstaff: probably not
[22:32] DesertWolf Longstaff: goodnight


~ by DesertWolf on May 24, 2007.

14 Responses to “My conversation with Honey Wendt”

  1. Obviously, Ms. Wendt is in no way open to criticism, regardless of her assertions otherwise. For one thing, she appears more interested in speaking than listening (the ratio of her messages to yours is at least 2 to 1). Also, it seems any time someone criticizes her techniques, she asks them if they support ageplayers or if they support the Lindens (indirect accusations to redirect the conversation).

    She mentioned how she thought Vint was trying to get material for her blog. Is this not another case of her hypocrisy? Why is it that *she* feels the need to post these IM logs to *her* blog? If she’s trying to get sexual ageplay abolished (at least, the form that offends her), in what way is that helping? Seems like she trying to stir up a witch hunt for ageplayers.

    And just for the record, I am against the use of child avies in sexual situation, and though I do support the Lindens for the world they have provided for our use, I am not a blind supporter by any means. You know, in case anyone wanted to ask those questions. Repeatedly.

  2. Amen, Chloe.

    I won’t fuel the fire or help Honey continue her 15 seconds of fame, but Desert, I sent you my response via email.

  3. […] and guess what? Imho, I’m not the one acting childish. 😀 Anyway, here we go again. Did you ask her for her consent before copy pasting the chat logs on your blog, DesertWolf? 😉 […]

  4. Ty Chloe. Your reply shows me that people actually do understand what I ment, and that it’s not because of being English impaired or stupid that I didn’t get Miss Wendt to understand me. *feels reliefed* And the ‘repeatedly’ just killed me. LMAO!

    Wrath: You know my email too, right? They say curiosity killed the neko, you know. 😉

  5. Vint I showed her the same consideration she shows others when it comes to posting logs to a personal blog.

  6. i’m confused at what she tried to do with her im conversation to you? almost sounds like she is trying to defend herself against imaginary attacks, that or she is tryind to find new prey for her witch hunt.

    also i think chloe summed up my opinion about her the best ^^

  7. I went back over what posted, and noticed the last part did not make it for some reason. I have noted where this happened, and added it to the posting. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  8. it’s c**ts like this honey that destroys role play for us see how this c**t was abused as a child? i am f**king sure every single linden was abused as a child that caused them to come and mess with my role play in no way does my role play within second life harm children it doesn’t even involve children but these morally right religious f**ks have to come and mess with two consenting adults thank u for exposing their real agenda

    Edited by DW..

  9. ok.. I’m confused here. this person is writing you for what reason? I have started to answer your article at least 5 times.. pointing out this or that, which would end up in a comment being longer than your actual blog. The more I read the more confused I get. So will just state some impressions
    1. she is looking for someone to give her some dirt on Vint so she can print it in her own blog (see people? DW says so.. therefore he’s on my side!)
    2. She really don’t know WHAT she wants to know, she bounced from topic to topic.. totally ignored what you were saying to her.(the topper for me was asking you if you had been abused as a child.. apparently she didn’t see what you do for a living)
    3. The term common courtesy is foreign to her.
    4. she makes too many contradictory statements to be taken as credible.
    5. The fact that she contacted you in the first place gave me the impression that she is using schoolyard tactics to get you on her side (whichever side that is)
    6. Why are you against me? Are you defending these people? Defending who? people who have ideas and opinions that don’t measure up to whatever standards she thinks she’s in?

  10. My advice DW, don’t ever chat/IM with her again.

  11. Here’s .02 cents more…

    Honey Wendt is on her Witch Hunt and will try this technique on several of us in order to gain allies.

    Or she may determine in her zealotry that we are the enemy and make false accusations against us for some misperceived notion of complicity with the roleplayers.

    I understand that she was harmed in RL, and like Chloe, I personally object to such roleplay. However, her methods leave me cold.

    I recommend we all just stay out of her way. Do not engage directly.

  12. dear god she just loves hearing her own voice doesnt she? i just read the missing part and you could have just answered “huh uh” the whole time and she would have kept talking on and on. i mean you pretty much told her to leave you alone at least 5 times and just kept going on and on…

  13. Edited by DW
    Thanks for the comment Kola..but want to keep things fairly civil here..and keep you out of trouble..

  14. ugh. how icky. how just….icky.

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