New Home!

Well yesterday I was looking at interesting things in SL, like Photosphere’s, and Holodecks, after I had uploaded my pics of the SL Bloggers meet to Flicker. And was blown away by the Holodeck, then I noticed there were some rentals based on them, so I had to go look. Well after a couple of places I came across Den Isle, and their rentals… The price was only a little more than I wa paying, and I got a 40mX40M pad that gave me a very big yard, and a Holodeck house. Problem was that I had recently paid up the month on my other place, 😦 so money was a bit tight, but dinee helped me out, (Think she was as excited about playing with it as I was) and I payed my first 2 weeks rent… Good thing too I later found out I got the last unit..
So here it is..
Den Isle 2

For those of you who haven’t seen what the Holodeck can do here is a pic of a room even though it looks like it is outside, it is the inside of my place..

Den Isle 3
Some other nice things are there is a residents beach and lake and garden area also, but will show those of in another post…


~ by DesertWolf on May 22, 2007.

10 Responses to “New Home!”

  1. Congrats DW,

    Looks like a nice place. Let me know when you spot an open rental.

  2. Congratulations, DesertWolf!

    Glad you got the last unit before someone else snatched it 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the move! Holodecks rawk. Which other scenes do you have?

  4. Dude! I need to stop by and check that out in person!! I think I’ve seen one holodeck room in a house before, but can’t recall where – and I’ve been curious to see one again.

    40mx40m lot?? Sweet!! That could make for one very large Bloggers w/ Blades dojo… *g*

    Sounds like a very good move, Desert, congrats!!

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Been having fun going through scenes, looks like I may have to host a Bloggers meeting now, I have my own night club! 🙂
    Wrath, Yea plenty of room for sword practice and spilling a little blood..hehe
    Vint I will be getting to the scenes I have in another post, but you are all welcome to drop by and check it out..
    Actually I think I will have a house warming, so everyone let me know when will be a good time either this weekend (yes I know it is Memorial Day but the following weekend June 1 & 2 is bad for me), or June 3 might work for me..
    Give me some feedback..

  6. grats on your new place, i am very curious of this holodeck and what it does. sounds very interesting

  7. DesertWolf: do you have the photostudio?
    and Tiana: I’ve written a bit about it here.

  8. Vint, I have one, but it is not the one they Have at the Holodeck store. You should stop by sometime.

  9. The house ROCKS! It is so cool. Yes, Vint, I saw a photostudio! The nightclub? *drool* Too much fun to be had in one house! I want one. Oh yes, I must have one. I hope you manage to get a tour, Tiana, lots of design ideas all in one convenient package – now we just need to find that script to convert everything like that!

  10. Glad you enjoyed the visit and tour Wrath, sorry I had other company drop in. Will have to see about getting in some sword practice soon, maybe this weekend?

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