Adventures in Beta Grid part 1

Friday dinee and I were suppose to attend a Dr. Dobbs Life 2.0 get together that had a fish theme. Well we get a notice from Rissa that they are meeting in the Beta Grid instead. There had a been a get together there earlier in the day and she had things she wanted to show us and wanted us to check out voice id SL. Well now, I have never been to the Beta Grid, and was not setup for it. So I scrambled and found an old mike I had used for video chat and a pair of head phones, plugged them in and got them set up, downloaded the beta voice software, installed and logged in.

Once in Beta Grid I had to find Rissa and IM her for a LM to where she was, turns out she was in Tableu, which has a cool little town, kind of looks like a desert town a little down on it’s luck.


Rissa took us all to see the skybox they had had their meeting in earlier that day, then we dropped down to a sandbox where Rissa had fun looking at houses she owns.Beta Sandbox

We went back to Tableu after that and went to the best club in town, which happens to be inside a water tower. It is interesting, the town has a very Southwest feel and the club is a sushi bar…Sushi Bar

dinee and I sat down and had some sushi..


We then did some dancing..

Dancing at sushi bar

Now remember during all this we were using the beta voice capabilities, I got use to it very quickly, but I am also use to using voice on Xbox Live. The proximity volume level and the aural sound worked very well. dinee had a problem with static, but she later figured out how to fix that. Voice makes some things much easier, walking for example, you can talk and move yourself, instead of haveing to type a bit, then move, then type.

Rissa then took us to go shopping, there are quite a few stores in the Beta Grid, and the ladies had a ball, dinee even got a couple new dresses. To bad then can’t be brought back over to the Main Grid.

dinee shopping in beta

I have to say that I am impressed with the voice capability so far, but there is more to come in part 2.


~ by DesertWolf on May 20, 2007.

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