Wrath vs DesertWolf ???

After reading Wrath’s post about his sword fights with Tiana, I told him that I had a katata I had not had a chance to try out in combat. He said we should get together and try it out.
Well last night was the night. I met Wrath in his tower where we prepared to do battle. Only to find that our two swords have different combat systems, and do not seem to be completely compatible. After some trying different things we finally do to where I could cause damage on Wrath, though he did not seem to be able to cause damage to me, that or he really needs to practice more. While we were playing with weapons settings dinee joined us to watch us play with our sharp objects. Once I could cause damage to Wrath, he had me kill him to be sure I could, which resulted in dinee and I getting to see his death animation..very entertaining.
Well even though it appeared Wrath could not cause damage to me we had an actual fight, which resulted in the inevitable conclusion, Wrath dieing again… Unfortunately I did not get any pictures, hopefully Wrath of dinee did.
After that dinee and I helped Wrath link his tower back together, mostly dinee than me… Then we just hung out and chatted. Over all it was an enjoyable evening and look forward to hanging out with Wrath again.


~ by DesertWolf on May 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Wrath vs DesertWolf ???”

  1. yup.. I got one
    and still trying to get the blood out of my skirt..

  2. poor wrath, he keeps getting beat up XD

  3. dinee, at least your wore black….: )

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