And back to Vint’s cow….kind of

As any of you who follow Vint’s blog know she was recently graced with a bovine pet by Veyron, and during the discussion it was suggested to Nekofy it. Well in that spirit I pass this along.

Neko piglet

Found him while shopping, and adopted him. Still working on a name…

Any suggestions?


~ by DesertWolf on May 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “And back to Vint’s cow….kind of”

  1. Well, I’d call it ‘Babe’. Ok there is the refference to the movie, but you can say ‘Babe, come over here’ and refer to it as ‘my Babe’. :d

  2. Well that’s better than Hammie….

  3. Kitten Piglet.. hmm Kitlet

  4. I have no idea about a name, but that is so ugly, it’s adorable!

  5. Wow. It is REALLY ugly. Almost charmingly ugly… almost. 🙂

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