Nekopile Redux

During the last Bloggers get together, that turned into a Nekopile, I took a pic and asked Vint if she had a problem with me posting a pick with her butt dead center. She replied no, as long as you edit out the squares. Since then I have been a bit busy, and Vint has been giveing me a hard time about not haveing posted it yet.

So Vint, readers another pic of the SL Bloggers Nekopile, With Vint, October, Tiana, and Kat,Nekopile Vints ass

And here is a thumbnail of a larger version…

Nokopile Vints ass Larger


~ by DesertWolf on May 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Nekopile Redux”

  1. Sorry, proud of that butt! *giggles* Besides, Looky how good October and my butt go together in one picture! *ducks and hides*

    You have Collin in the picture too! *points behind Tobie*

  2. Yea, after I got looking at it, I thought that was a really good pic of Tobie…

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