Neko-fying of DesertWolf Pt2

Well the obvious start in Neko-fying myself is to get ears and a tail.

I started my search at Nekomimi (Wollaston (181,26,600) and their free neko kit. Well it has quite a few ears and tails, including a twitching one, but when I put the ears on I felt like I was wearing costume ears…not the feeling I was looking for.

I checked a couple of other shops, one had some male skins, but nothing at really got my attention, and they had no tails or ears for guys that I could see.

So decided to hit the daddy of neko stores Jungle Voodoo at Temenos (156, 108,107), they had male and female skins, and unisex ear and tail sets. I didn’t see any skins I liked, but  ended up getting their leopard & stripe ear & tail collection. Gives me lots to play with, lots of colors from natural hair colors to blood, and blueberry..

Tried a couple natural color ones on, a sable color, that I liked in leopard, then found a tan color in leopard that matched the highlights in my hair.  That is what I have in these pics. the ears have a nice twitchy action to them, plus you can add excite actions to them…I already had some cats eyes, and decided to go with the green ones.

So here are the pics.

DesertWolf Tan leopard Ears & green eyes

DesertWolf tan leopard tail

So far I like what I have, though I am going to look into some excite animations at least for the tail….but that is for a later post.


~ by DesertWolf on May 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “Neko-fying of DesertWolf Pt2”

  1. then found a tan color in leopard that matched the highlights in my hair.

    RU sure you are male?!! *scratches behind her ears*

    Transformation looking good up to now…

    Anyway, IM me for kick ass Neko eyes! =)

  2. “RU sure you are male?!! *scratches behind her ears*”
    Well, hold on let me check…
    .:unbuckles belt,…unbuttons pants……looks…….:.
    Yea, still male..just hung around women too much in my life…
    Have been mistaken for being gay a few times….always figured the tattoo of naked women on me would kind of take care of that problem..
    But thanks, Vint, will IM you about the eyes when I can get on the grid.

  3. “I am going to look into some excite animations at least for the tail”

    LOL this mean I get to play your tail and have it say all the stuff you had my wings saying at the ball? Ohhhh can’t wait!!!


  4. Yep, looks like you’re coming along nicely 🙂

    If you want ears that are a little less pointy, you could try out the ears from Curious Kitties. They are the one’s Tobie and I are wearing in this pic. They’re only L$40 and they twitch (though they don’t have scripted positions like the Voodoo ears). I have the Voodoo ears and tails as well, and I switch between them depending on what hair I’m using.

    If you want whiskers, you might consider going to Gritty Kitty. The whiskers I usually wear are from there, as I prefer them to the Voodoo whiskers. I think they cost L$50 (could be wrong, as it’s been a while).

    Finally, if you want a skin, you might try Hybrid. I actually rarely wear my neko skin anymore (I have the Voodoo ivory leopard skin), preferring to just use the neko parts with other skins I have.

  5. Thanks Chloe, appreciate the feedback and the suggestions. Tonight I am wearing the stripes, and played with the ear positions a bit. Going to take some playing to get something I like. As for skin, kind of like what I have, so for now will just wear the neko parts with it.
    Will check out gritty Kitty though.

  6. Ears: Anista’s has nice ears too, although I don’t like how to look on guys, but maybe if you are going for the gay look anyhow. 😀

    Hybrid skin: Go with a tintable those or fun! (You can then recolor your spots or stripes).)

    Whiskers? I knew I forgot smth. :d (Aren’t that just cylinders and very easy to make yourself?)

  7. Hummm don’t remember saying I was going for the gay look…but thanks.
    And as for whiskers, passing on them and paws at this point..

  8. I think there are xcite animations for the ears, too.

    It’s nice to know there are men willing to participate and experiment in the nekosphere.


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