In a comment Vint left she said

And I’ve learned a new word: SLex. *giggles*

Well to be honest, I was surprised, I mean yea I made it up, but it seemed like a natural work to describe Second Life sex.

My view of sex in SL is that is sits somewhere between phone/video chat sex and what I call cyber, sex by IM or text chat. The reason for this is that there is a visual component to SL sex, that can be very good, if you have good skin and poseballs. Some of the sexual action can be duplicated in the SL viewer, and even sounds can be used. But in the end the only way to really to get any physical enjoyment from it, is that one person has to be the one on the receiving end and the other has to talk or emote the other through it. It is very hard to try and physically stimulate yourself to orgasm and type at the same time. If you don’t believe me go ahead and try it, go on…I will be here when you get done…

<examines his nails, thinks need to get a manicure…wonder who I can IM while the reader is off playing with themselves?>

Oh..back already? OK, so now you see what I mean…. it kind of breaks the mood to try and type and enjoy yourself. During our SL Bloggers get together, we talked about sex in SL, and the general consensus was the same from most everyone. So I feel that SLex is an appropriate word for Second Life sex, it is between cyber and phone, but still different from either. One thing I am looking forward to is voice in SL, this will bring SLex up closer to phone sex, in that both partners and use voice to emote to the other and still have their hands free for other things.

But hey thats just my $0.02…..


~ by DesertWolf on May 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “SLex?”

  1. Well, there was already Skype for those who wanted to do just that? Hmm. No thx! Keep voice OFF the grid as long as possible. 😀

  2. From what I have heard about how it will be implemented, voice will be run on servers out side of SL, by a 3rd party. So in this respect it will work just like Skype. One advantage over Skype is that is will have range localization, you would only hear people within range of you, and it would have directionality. Need to go back and find the info I read on it to reference here….

  3. i too think that skype is good enough for that. we dont need voice in sl. i really dont need to hear my neighbours doing the deed because there house is too close to mine and the proximity thing makes me thing there will be voice griefing (screaming very loudly when near to a person. but i agree slex is a thing that works best in turns. one pleasing in turn

  4. SLEx is short for Second Life Exchange.

  5. […] to IM me. My first thought was “uh oh, here we go!”, fully expecting some lame offer of SLex. “Doesn’t he see that I’m partnered?” I wondered. “Doesn’t he […]

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