In my last post I mentioned that Vint Falken invited me to join the SL Blogger group. Well I received a group message saying there would be a Meet & Greet today. So at 3 I TP’ed to Zoe’s place and meet my fellow SL bloggers.

During the time I was there we discussed everything from SLex to the Open Letter to the Lindens. I am sure some of our discussions will make it to my fellow bloggers blogs.SL Bloggers Meet & Greet

A majority of the blogger in attendance were in neko avatars, being of the feline persuasion, they congregated and curled up together. I called it a nekopile….



~ by DesertWolf on May 6, 2007.

10 Responses to “Blogpile…”

  1. It was a pleasure DesertWolf, thanks for coming and giving us your unique perspective.

  2. Nothing wrong with a nekopile =)

  3. I agree October, it actually looked kinda comfy, ; )

  4. […] trust on the others to do some sort of report on this as I can’t remember all that happened, but I’ll share this: the rumour goes we’ll be having a hawt male […]

  5. It was nice to meet you ‘ISL’. 😉 (And I’ve learned a new word: SLex. *giggles*)

  6. Btw. Where is that picture of my butt you threatened with? :d

  7. Hey Vint, same here. As for SLex, don’t know if anyone else uses it, I may have created it, but it seems to fit the act.
    And as for your butt shot, remember, you asked me to make sure to edit out all the little squares, haven’t got around to it yet…Still owe Kat a good copy of the Nekopile…

  8. *wonders why her butt takes that long* =D

  9. Vint got side tracked…
    this weekend…

  10. Ty! :d

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