Day 7 Life 2.0 – The Last Day..

Well Friday was the final day of the Life 2.0 Summit, and of course SL had to get a few hits in. There where some problems for the first session, that caused it to start late, but it was still a very informative session. The panelist discussed SL to web connections present & future. Then at 4pm Vyrnox Ming showed us CHISEL a command languagethat speeds up building in SL.

The night was capped of with the crew going to the Nantucket Yacht club and learning how to sail in SL. I was apprehesive at first but it was a blast. Here are some great pics dinee got of us sailing>


Sailing into the Sunset.

After wards we met Yakumo, who took us out on her Beautiful Trudea Trucordia.

Yakumo’s Trucordia

All in all a great evening.

Oh and one other thing, I was invited to join the SL bloggers now I have to keep at this. : )


~ by DesertWolf on May 5, 2007.

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