Dr. Dobb’s Life 2.0

One of the things that has motivated me and got me excited about SL is some of the speakers I have heard so far this week at Dr Dobb’s Life 2.0 Summit in SL. What is Life 2.0 Summit? Click the link and read about it..

Back? OK…

It started Saturday with a 4 hour block of speakers, followed by a tour of some of the great builds in SL. Sunday followed the same formula. This was a great way of getting in deep quickly, and to be honest, I will be going back to check out some builds at a more relaxed pace. Then there was a chance to unwind at a great club. The weekday events Monday and Tuesday had 2 hour panel discussions, then a keynote address later in the afternoon. Then again tours of some great builds followed buy a little partying at a great club. I wish some RL events were this much fun..:)

Today because of the normal Linden grid down time there are no events till later in the evening. Though as a spur of the moment workshop, some attendees are going to

“collaborate in an attempt to create a minimal version of the ‘turtle graphics’ feature-set, common to Logo and PILOT. ”

should be interesting.

Then for the evening fun there will be a costume ball …. can’t wait to see what people come up with. I will be sure to post some pics from this.

Things will wrap up Friday, and I will give you my wrap up review of the summit.


~ by DesertWolf on May 2, 2007.

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